Joe Nealon • Dan Spriestersbach • Bill McGovern • Charlie McGovern • Tom Callahan • Pat Murphy • Steve Wearne • Eric Brown


Linda Haeckel • Ladena Larson • Martha Kelcy

Lakewood, Washington

Joe Nealon

Industry Experience: 40 years
Area of Interest: North American sales, commercial, industrial, full range of timbers and specialties
Extension: 204

Joe’s career has focused primarily on commercial accounts (mines, railroads, shipyards, OEM’s) plus a wide array of accounts in North America with particular emphasis on re-manufactured and fabricated requirements. He has always placed a high value on the personal relationship aspect of the business and sincerely hopes this element remains an important facet of the industry.

Primary interests: golf, skiing, family activities, children living in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and Austin (which makes a great travel circuit).

Dan Spriestersbach

Industry Experience: 40 years
Area of Interest: domestic and export, industrial timber, lumber, poles, mine guides, timber frame clear and structural timbers, WoodGuard products
Extension: 202

Dan attended the University of Washington where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business. While at UW, Dan was a starting safety for 3 years for the Huskies. After college Dan joined the Navy and he is a Vietnam veteran. Aside from constantly fine-tuning his expertise in the lumber industry, Dan spent 30 years working as a Pac-10 football official. He appreciates discussing some of the close calls he made and misses the criticism he received from strangers after each game.

Bill McGovern

Industry Experience: 40 years
Area of Interest: Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar timbers, timber trusses, wood crane mats (to buy or rent)
Personal Interests: Family, golf, fishing and anything involving the salt water universe in the Great Northwest.
Extension: 209

Bill was born in Seattle, Washington and spent his childhood summers on Fox Island. As a result, he has developed a lifelong affinity for salt water in the northwest. Whether boating, fishing or relaxing, Bill is happiest when he is on or near the water with his family.

Charley McGovern

Industry Experience: 8 years
Area of Interest: custom timbers, crane mats, dimensional lumber
Skills: exceptionally good looking, knows how to have a great time, staying single
Extension: 205

Charley graduated from Central Washington University with a degree in Construction Management. After college, Charley worked in the construction industry for 8 years as a Project Manager building apartment complexes and remodeling condominiums.

After years of working in construction, Charley enrolled at the University of Jackson Hole to pursue a masters in Ski Bumming where he graduated highest in his class.

Tom Callahan

Industry Experience: 20 years
Area of Interest: crane mats, dimensional lumber, specialty products
Special Skills: snoring, bumper sticker selection, cliff-diving, camping
Extension: 217

Tom grew up in the South Puget Sound area and attended Central Washington University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management and a minor interest in the leisure sciences after only 8 short years. He has spent over 20 years working on some of the largest and smallest projects around the greater Northwest, including the new Narrows Bridge and various high-rise buildings. He enjoys spending his time outdoors with his wife and two sons.

Tom believes that his 13 shoe size needs to be mentioned in here somewhere.


Industry Experience: 2 years
Area of Interest: Mailman, office security, snacks, odors
Special Skills: Head of Security, Morale Officer, fetching good prices, charisma
Extension: 000

You can always count on Kota to appear when the mailman arrives. She is at her best when the mailman lingers at Tracy’s desk or when an unknown visitor appears. Kota was born with the gift to be able to “fetch” good prices for our customers while simultaneously keeping unwanted pests and solicitors away from the office. She brings a smile to everyone who is welcome in the office. Because of her natural charisma, Kota was promoted to Morale Officer in 2013.

Portland, Oregon

Pat Murphy

Industry Experience:
38 years
PacWest Experience:
5 years (Division Manager)
Area of Interest:
Green/dry dimension and timbers, treated lumber, plywood, redwood, cedar, FSC certified lumber and any and all lumber specialty needs
Phone: (503) 206-1211

Steve Wearne

Industry Experience:
28 years
Area of Interest:
Agricultural wood, posts, poles, fencing, stakes, timbers
Phone: (503) 521-8837

Vancouver, Washington

Eric Brown

Industry Experience: 21 years
Area of Interest: North American sales, contractor specialist, equipment mat rent/sales


Linda Haeckel

Position: Controller / Office Manager
PacWest Experience:
24 years
E-mail address:
Extension: 216

Ladena Larson

Position: Accounting Manager
PacWest Experience:
15 years
E-mail address:
Extension: 215

Martha Kelcy

Position: Accounts Payable Manager
Industry Experience:

15 years
E-mail address:
Extension: 214