Lumber Locations

PacWest has three offices to serve you: Lakewood, WA, Lake Oswego, OR, and Beaverton, OR. Our thirteen veteran traders possess expertise in a wide variety of specialties from railroad and mining specifications to agricultural crating and vineyard posts as well as the full array of commodity lumber products. We take great pride in providing cost effective supply solutions to complex requirements.

Lakewood, WA

Vancouver, WA

Stevensville, MT

History of PacWest Lumber

Pacific Western Lumber, also known as PacWest, was formed in 1985 as a wholesale timber trading organization serving the needs of industrial and commercial users. The combined depth of experience of our sales staff has served our clients well. Our primary focus has been on Western Softwoods but we also enjoy expertise in domestic Hardwoods and Softwoods from other producing areas as well as a variety of imported timber species.

Popular applications for our wood products

  • Heavy timber trusses
  • Timber frame homes
  • Decking material
  • Siding products
  • Horse Fencing, Equestrian
  • Residential fencing
  • Log wood homes
  • Exposed beams
  • Heavy equipment mats

Remember, the tougher the requirement, the better our performance! Let Pacific Western serve you.