Cedar Products

Cedar Products

We offer Cedar from both Inland and Coastal regions. In addition, both Port Orford and Alaskan Yellow Cedar are available on request.

By it’s very nature, the characteristics and inherent qualities of Cedar vary widely as a result of growing conditions and regions. We at PacWest feel very confident in being able to match your needs with the appropriate Cedar product that best suits your project.

Cedar items are available in the complete range of sizes, grades, and patterns. Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements with you.

Western Red Cedar Timbers

PacWest works very closely with several premium manufacturers of western red cedar timbers. These are primarily used for high grade exposed usage where the color and texture of fine grain cedar are important considerations. Western Red Cedar timbers are available in virtually any size limited only by the availability of logs but normally are readily sourced in dimensions up to 24×24 and lengths up to 40 foot. Cedar timbers can be sawed as FOHC if required. Specified lengths are also available per your specific requirements.
The most common grade descriptions for Western Red Cedar timbers are:

  • No 2 & Better Appearance Grade
  • No 1 & Better Appearance Grade

Clear grade
Material run to any pattern